Coming hom

In this film there are two main types of lighting that are used.

Most of the movie is filming outdoors and it creates a natural lighting effect. Refer to the photo above

and you can see this shot was filmed at an actual home on the front porch. Natural lighting was

used. There are no shadows that are coming off the actor. The benefit to using this type of lighting

creates a common point of view for the person watching the film. It creates a down to earth approach.

Most of this film was shot using the natural outdoor lighting effect. This is suppose to be a comedy

that helps the audience relate to the theme and the characters in the movie.


The movie genre is also categorized as a romantic comedy so there are scenes when the high-key

is used to create a main focus on the character. The picture above is a high-key lighting shot where

the background is dark and the light is focused on the main character. It creates a slight shadow to

convey the time of day. This shot was when she was looking for Jake to talk with him and he was on

the beach during the lighting storm.

The two scene above are suppose to convey different emotion in the movie, if the first scene listed

was changed to a night scene it might have created more of a suspicious tone. If the second scene

was shot in the daytime using natural light it would not have been as romantic because the audience

might have focused on the background and not the characters.